Hello my name is Bruce Folger.

I am the owner of "The Shop at Grand Lake"

I moved to Grand back in 1976. My first business was running John's TV in Jay Oklahoma.

After the death of the vacuum tube tv, and the arrival of throw away tv's I left that business for the construction field.

I worked for Bradley Construction at Shangi La for a year. I then started my own construction business. I landed at Holway Point on the south side of Drowning Creek in the early 80's. I spent the next ten years developing both of the subdivisions there. I built and managed the water treatment system while building a number of the homes and remodeling many of the others.

By the 90's, I was finding myself with winters a bit slow, construction not being much fun at that time of the year in Oklahoma.

I started spending my winters at Wolf Creek Ski Area in Colorado. I started out as a ski instructor the first year, while not instructing I started shooting ski videos. That turned into a full time service. Talk about a tough job, people were actually paying me to ski down the mountain and shoot videos of them having fun.

Well that led to me needing to learn about computers. I had always sworn off computers, thinking that if I ever sat down in front of one I would never get up. That tuned out to be fairly accurate. I started with a used $50 computer and before long I was surrounded by a half dozen of them all networked together doing all kinds of fun things.

I discovered there are a lot of people out there in the cyber world that love to share what they have learned. I have learned a lot, and would like to share it with you.

Computer repair, sales, service (Apple & Windows), web hosting and website creation.



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